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The Avante company was founded in 2003 and rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in the consulting services market in Odessa.

By providing our services, we become your Partner, financial and tax advisor, controller and assistant. We have an individual approach to each client, from the first consultation to the concept development and business support. We are glad to provide you with a full range of services, from consulting, business registration and contractual work to full further legal and accounting support. Our experts can connect at any stage and solve any issue related to your business activities.

A separate pride of our company is a wide range of services for informational and legal support of foreign citizens and foreign legal entities in Ukraine. Our experts are ready to provide professional legal assistance in representing business interests in Ukraine; preparing and registration of permits; development, examination and conclusion of agreements and contracts. Either services of certified translators, translation and legalization of documents will make our communication easy and comfortable.

As your partner, Avante will save your time and resources, help you concentrate on achieving your goal.

For more than 17 years of our activity, we have come up with one simple conclusion: an individual approach, confidentiality, quality and civility are the best basis for a successful company.

Trusting us, know – EACH OF YOU IS DEAR TO US!

Information and legal services for foreign citizens
1. Consulting on issues of entry to Ukraine.
2. Organization of a meeting of clients, their accommodation, providing an
3. All registration procedures for foreigners in Ukraine.
4. Translations and notarization of documents.
5. Registration of a business in Ukraine (including by power of attorney without
the presence of the founders in Ukraine).
6. Obtaining an identification code for foreign citizens.
7. Consulting and paperwork for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine.
8. Temporary residence permit.
9. Permanent residence permit.
10. Citizenship.
11. Translation of documents, accompaniment by an interpreter of business
meetings (oral, written translation).
12. Legalization of documents.

As well as the entire list of services in other sections of the site.
Legal support of business
1. Development and preparation of constituent documents.
Registration (re-registration) of business entities (including individual

2. Registration of representation of foreign legal entities.
3. Introduction of amendments and additions to the constituent documents (new
edition of constituent documents).
4. Liquidation, reorganization of enterprises.
5. Obtaining special permits and licenses.
6. Certification of equipment, goods and services.
7. Assistance in obtaining patents.
8. Registration of a trade mark.
9. Accompanying inspections by regulatory authorities.
10. Bringing economic relations and internal documentation in accordance with
the current legislation (development of contracts, protocols, acts, letters,
statements, other documents for the actually arisen and existing legal
11. Development of contracts.
12. Consulting on legal issues of doing business (oral, written legal opinion).
Business accounting support
1. Subscriber accounting services for legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs
• consulting on taxation issues;
• development and implementation of accounting policies;
• maintenance of accounting and tax accounting;
• preparation and submission of reports;
•electronic document management;
• automation of accounting;
• ensuring the continuity of the process.
2. Accounting services for foreign missions.
3. Restoration of tax and accounting (full restoration of accounting and tax
accounting, adjustment and submission of revised reports for previous periods).
4. Selection of the optimal taxation system for certain types of economic activity
and sectors of the economy.
5. Outsourcing of individual processes: outsourcing of payroll, reporting, etc.
6. Analysis of the client's economic activities.
7. Consulting and development of workflow on foreign economic activity.
8. Maintenance of inspections by regulatory authorities.
9. Online express services (NEW!). You can separately order one-time services
such as:
  • submission of reports,
  • payroll,
  • recalculation of wages,
  • indexation of wages,
  • reconciliation with contractors,
  • reconciliation with tax authorities,
  • registration of settlement registrar.
10. Consulting and development of a package of documents on labor protection.
11. Consulting and development of personnel policy of the enterprise.
12. Development and approval of the accounting policy of the legal entity.
Translation agency
1. Translations of documents with notarization.
2. Translations of documents certified by a translation agency.
3. Accompaniment by an interpreter of business meetings (simultaneous
4. Legalization of documents.
5. Audio translation.
6. Accompanying the client in government agencies.
Qualified experts who make their clients happy every day

Legal Department

Department of Migration Services

Translation agency

Department of financial and accounting support

Kirkhan Valentina

(Director of the Company)

“Our company is an effective mechanism for providing legal assistance and legal

services in Ukraine, accumulated by many years of experience, based on the


- Do not harm!

- Work until you win!

- Quality is above all!

- Only truth!

Our goal is not the number of clients or hours worked and paperwork. Ours is a

victorious ratio of started and the list of successful cases. We strive to ensure that

our customers are satisfied with the result - and so far we have succeeded.

We always strive for an effective strategy that will become the guarantee of your

success. We strive for victory, just like you - and this energy is converted into a

result. The foundation of our desire to win is high competence and knowledge of our industry. We are professionals - and that says it all. By contacting AVANTE, you are sure that the best competent assistance will be provided to you.”

frequently asked Questions
How can a foreigner get a taxpayer identification number in Ukraine?
To obtain a non-residential identification code in Ukraine, you need to fill out an account card, collect a package of documents and apply with them to the territorial body of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. In addition, you can issue a power of attorney for a representative who will receive a TIN for a foreigner without his presence.
How can you get a residence permit in Ukraine?
There are 3 main ways to obtain a residence permit:
- obtaining a work permit and official employment;
- marriage with a citizen of Ukraine;
- investment of funds in the country's economy.Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night. Also, you can visit our office for a personal consultation.
How can a foreign citizen register a business in Ukraine?
First of all, a foreigner who wants to register a business in Ukraine must decide on the organizational and legal form of its conduct. Among all the organizational and legal forms provided for by the civil legislation of Ukraine, the most relevant for foreigners are LLC (limited liability company) and sole proprietorship (individual entrepreneur)
What is the minimum authorized capital for setting up an LLC in Ukraine?
To date, the legislation does not provide for the minimum size of the authorized capital of limited liability companies. Thus, the authorized capital can be 1-2 hryvnia, although this will undoubtedly affect the assessment of the existence and activities of the company in the eyes of its counterparties.
What real estate is a foreigner entitled to buy in Ukraine?
A foreigner can acquire ownership of any immovable property with the exception of agricultural land plots, communal and state property. The real estate purchase and sale agreement must be concluded in writing and must be notarized.
What kind of residence permit can be obtained in Ukraine?
Today, foreign citizens can obtain either a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
What taxes do legal entities pay in Ukraine?
Legal entities that are on the common system pay the following basic taxes, fees and other mandatory payments in accordance with the tax code:
- corporate income tax (18%)
- value added tax (20%)
- military tax (1.5%)
Do I need to submit reports if the company does not operate?
Yes. If a legal entity decides to suspend its activities, it is necessary to submit zero reporting. The declaration must be submitted on time and in accordance with all the rules. Otherwise, you will have a current account blocking and a fine.
What affects the cost of accounting services?
- taxation system;
- the volume of incoming and outgoing documents and payments;
- the number of employees;
- import and export;
- the presence of a separate account;
- production;
How much does an individual entrepreneur face a fine for late filing of a tax return?
According to paragraphs. 120.1 TCU failure to submit or untimely submission by the taxpayer or other persons obliged to calculate and pay taxes, tax returns (calculations), entails the imposition of a fine in the amount of 170 UAH for each such failure or untimely submission. An individual entrepreneur submits a declaration of the EN payer in the third group for a quarter (thus, for a year he had to submit 4 declarations).
What clients say about us
Mahmud Ali
Migration review
Very good service. We did everything quickly and correctly. They do everything at once, including photos, photocopies, insurance, in general, the entire package of documents for a patent, temporary residence permit, residence permit, etc.
Artem Voloshin
Legal review
I needed to legally formalize my business. Thanks to the team
lawyers "Avante" for assistance in registering the company. They answered me very quickly. They explained everything. And many thanks to the sweet girl who was constantly in touch, and explained everything professionally and easily.
Stepan Makarenko
Accounting outsourcing
We have been cooperating with this company for over a year. Their tax accounting services are invaluable. The work was always carried out in a timely manner and without errors, they gave discounts on accounting services. We are glad.
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First of all, it should be mentioned that there are three types of visas:
· transit (type "B"), issued in the case of transit through the territory of Ukraine to a third state, as well as the implementation of transit transportation of goods and passengers by road. The allowed period of stay on such a visa does not exceed 5 days. Transit visas are issued as single, double and multiple entry;
· short-term (type "C"), issued for a stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days within 180 days. Short-term visas are issued as single, double and multiple entry;
· long-term (type "D"), issued for the purpose of further processing by the competent authorities of Ukraine documents giving the right to stay or reside in Ukraine for a period exceeding 90 days. Long-term visas are issued as multiple entry visas for 90 days.

To obtain all types of visas, you need to submit:
1. Passport document.
2. Completed and signed visa application form.
3. One colored photograph.
4. Biometric data.
5. Relevant Health Insurance Policy.
6. Documents confirming the availability of sufficient financial security.
7. Document confirming the payment of the consular fee.
8. A document confirming the purpose of the trip to Ukraine, depending on the type of visa.

The above documents must be submitted to the embassy or consulate of Ukraine abroad, or to the visa centers of Ukraine abroad (for foreigners and stateless persons residing in the territory of 47 states where the visa centers of Ukraine are located).
As usual, foreign diplomatic institutions issue a visa within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the necessary documents. However, this period can be extended up to 20 working days if additional checks are required. The consular fee for visa processing is charged at the rate of 65 USD.
Additionally, there is the possibility of obtaining a visa urgently (up to 5 working days) at the request of a foreigner or stateless person. For urgent visa processing, the consular fee is doubled.
Either, the legislation provides a list of categories of persons for whom a visa is issued free of charge. In particular, such persons include: children under 6 years of age; foreign Ukrainians upon presentation of a certificate of a foreign Ukrainian, another of the spouses of a foreign Ukrainian, their children; persons who enter Ukraine and use a diplomatic or service passport, and others.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks of any level.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks of any level.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks of any level.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks of any level.

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